Thursday, August 11, 2011

Overview of the past weeks

Sorry I have not been updating this for a while, but just finished moving and I am still truing to settle in. For those of you wondering I just moved into Mexico because i  plan on going to a couple of games. But still that is no excuse so I will make a quick summary of the recent games that occurred.

                                             Jornada 2
    Cruz Azul   vs Atlas           2-1    Queretaro     vs TIgres       0-0
    Santos        vs Atlamte       3-0    Montererry  vs Tijuana     4-2
    San Luis     vs Estudiantes  2-1    Monarcas    vs Pumas      0-1
     Toluca       vs America      1-1    Puebla          vs Pachuca    2-2
     Chivas       vs Jaguares      2-1                      

                                             Jornada 3             
      America   vs Estudiantes  1-2       Pachuca  vs Cruz Azul   1-0
      Tigres      vs Toluca          2-2        Atlas        vs Queretaro   3-0
      Arlante     vs Puebla         5-1        Pumas    vs Monterrey   2-1

Unfortunately Tijuana, Chivas, Jaguares, Santos, San Luis and Monarcas did not play there matches because some of the teams had conflicting games in the Liga de Campeones and the             World football challenge. They will face off on the 2nd and 3rd of September.

                                             Jornada 4
    Cruz Azul  vs Atlante        2-1       Queretaro  vs Pachuca  2-1
    Santos       vs Tijuana       1-3       Chivas        vs Pumas     0-0
    Monterrey  vs Monarcas  2-0        Toluca       vs Atlas        0-0
    Puebla        vs Juguares    1-2        Estudiantes vs Tigres     0-1

Again another match was put on hold between America and San Luis due to America being in a match between Barcelona in the World Football Challenge. They will face off on the 14th of September.
And that is all up to now. However, I will be sure to update tomorrow after the game between Monarcas vs Chivas.

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