Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sorry for the late results

Sorry I have not been able to post in so long, had a problem getting to the library to post and since I was not able to watch any of the games from Sunday, I do not really know the results. But to make it up, at the moment I am watching a streamed game between America and San Luis, with San Luis winning 1-0 at the moment. However, i will not be able to post the second half since its about closing time here so if I am able I will post tomorrow in the morning. Hopefully I can get my work done in time and can get to the library to post about this weeks games. Till next time

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The game from Friday and Saturday

This weekend we had only one game on Friday and 5 games on Saturday. Here are the results so far

Estudiantes       0 - 2   Jaguares
Santos             1 - 1  Chivas
Cruz Azul         0 - 1   Monarcas
Querétaro        4 - 0  Pumas UNAM
Atlas                 1 - 1  San Luis
Tigres              5 - 0  Pachuca

To start off i would like to say I was pretty disappointed when I heard the results of the Pumas game and their
unfortunate defeat to Queretaro but then again I am shocked that Queretaro did such a great job to not only win but to score 4 goals on such a high up team. That takes guts and skill.

Now to my game. Tigres vs Pachuca. This was an interesting game for me because before Tigres was just getting by with scoring one goal and winning but for this game they needed to show that they could not only win but dominate the game. And that's exactly what they did. They showed us and everyone who doubted them that they could take the lead and keep on going. To start off the game Hector Mancilla scored the first goal at the 18th minute to give them an early lead. It was soon followed by a goal by Lucas Lobos at the 24th, which was also followed by another goal Héctor Mancilla at the 36th minute reinforcing our lead. Pretty much the full first half was just a domination game for Tigres  because they came ready to take the lead and win this game, and that's exactly how they played.  Then for the second half after a beautiful center from a direct shot on goal, the goalie from Pachuca came out wrong to block the ball but missed and it changed the direction of the ball and lead to an own goal by Segundo Castillo giving Tigres an 4-0 lead. But it did not end there, Tigres kept on the attack and to everyone's suprise Héctor Mancill scored his third goal at the 78th minute to ensure the win with a 5-0 and his first hat trick of the season. But Tigres still did not give up and continued to attack and what should have been a penalty was not given and then Pachuca started to attempt attacks just to avoid the 6th goal. As the final whistle was blown, both the Tigres fans and the team were happy with their win and hopefully we will see more games like this.

I will try to edit this later as I have work to do right now so all add the Santos game as well as the Atlas game later.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sundays game and News

Like i had said on my last post I was not able to watch the San Luis - Monarcas match but here are the results. San Luis lost 2-3 to Monarcas.  I really wish I had watched this game because what the results show is that San Luis took the lead in the first half but then Monarcas striked back with two goals to take the lead. Then by the second half Monarcas lost a player due to a red card but continued to hold off the lead and ended up scoring a third goal, giving them a great lead. But San Luis didnt give up right away and continued to tie up the game but were unable to and only scored their second goal at the last minute of the game.

In other news, the games should resume like normal next week and then the next makeup game will be the 14th. Also, seeing how Santos has been having troubles these last few games they have decided to bring by the former USA soccer coach Bob Bradley to try and negotiate a potential job. Now I am not sure how that would turn out because Bob Bradley is a good coach but I fell that the language barrier could be a possible set back in him getting the job, but seeing as he had such great success with the national USA soccer team he could be the one to get Santos back on track. I will try to keep a look on things during the week on any more news updates and continue with the next round of results on Friday.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Make up games

Hmm seems that I forgot there were only three scheduled games for this week. If you can remember from my previous post I had said that in the third Jornada a few teams were unable to play each other because they were participating in a different tournament. Well it turned out that they were scheduled to play this weekend and I completely forgot about it. But luckily I was able to watch the first two games that occurred on Friday.

First off we have Tijuana vs Chivas. Now this was going to be an interesting game since Tijuana is currently at risk of getting sent back to the second division due to their lack of wins. So they can into this match determined to win, however Chivas was not going to have that. To start off  Chivas tried to take the lead and around the 39th minute Hector Reynoso scored an incredibly header after receiving a cross from their corner kick. Though his header was meant to be a pass to the far post, it ended up being a goal.  After that goal Chivas seemed to relax a bit and Tijuana  tried to  take advantage of that but were unable to produce much. Tijuana tried and tried but to no avail and Chivas ended up winning 1-0.

The second game was between Jaguares vs Santos. Though i was rooting for Santos to win, I got to admit it turned into a very interesting game. The first half turned out to be a game played in midfield with both teams having few attempts to on goal but with Santos taking the lead with a goal by Jose Cardendas at the 13th minute. But then came the second half, and boy did the game turn up. Jaguares game back ready to take back the game and that's exactly what they did. At the 53rd minute Franco Arizala scored the first goal bringing the game 1-1. After that they scored again at the 56th minute but his time it was Luis Rey who scored. Now that Jaguares was winning they also started to dominate the midfield and keep control of the ball while Santos tried to get themselves together. But Jaguars was not done yet. At the  74th minute Luis Rey scored his second goal bringing the game 3-1 and giving Jaguares an incredibly lead, though this really pissed off Santos and lead them to scoring their second goal thanks to Juan Enriquez. But this was not enough for Santos to take back the game and the when the whistle was blown to signal the end of the game, Jaguares ended up winning 3-2 and giving Jaguares their well deserved three points.

Now there is only one game left for this week but I will be unable to watch it because it is at noon, though I will be sure to post the results of the game between San Luis vs Monarcas. Till tomorrow.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

News from Wednesday

Taking advantage of my free time this morning, I found some pretty interesting things going on in the league. In a recent Interview with Cuauhtémoc Blanco, a former America player, he goes on to talk about how he is really disappointed with Reinoso, the coach for America, for having such inconstant results with such a great team. Blanco goes on to talk about how he is really upset about how everything that goes on in the dressing room always winds up in the press, even when dealing with personal or private information.  Though I personally am not a big fan a of America, I do kinda feel bad for the coach because he is always getting bad press and he is having a rough year, mostly because he know that if he doesn't get better results than what he is getting now he will find himself without a job pretty soon.

On another note, Eduardo Herrera from Pumas recently talked with the press himself to clarify that the bad times that Pumas is going through is mostly due to their two injured player still not being able to play and the recent number of players who have been expelled for one game due to them accumulating a red card. Herrera was confident that they would improve in their next couple of games and that he will continue to get better until his teammates can fully recover and get back in the game. Being that Pumas is the current champion, they are a team that can not be counted out just yet and if they do get back on track they could make it towards the finals.

Eduardo Herrera

Hopefully I will be able to post on about the Mexico game on Saturday and then I will continue with the results of the Jornada.