Monday, August 15, 2011

Jornada 5

Okay. sorry I did not post after the first game on Friday but I decided to go with the same post style of last time, giving an overall results of all the games. So to start off, the results were
     Tijuana vs Puebla        1-1           Pumas vs Santos     1-1
      Atlante vs Queretaro  1-3      Estudiantes vs Atlas      2-0     
     Pachuca vs Toluca       3-0          Tigres  vs America   2-2
     Jaguares vs Cruz Azul 1-1        San Luis vs Monterrey 1-0
      Morelia vs Chivas       1-2

 Now that the results are known I will elaborate on some of the more interesting games.
First off lets talk about the Pumas-Santos games. Though during the first half both teams tried to take the lead, Santos was under a sort of dry spell since they had not been able to score against Pumas in their home field for a long time. However they soon broke that with an incredible goal by Oribe Peralta at the 57th minute. However Pumas was not really happy losing at home so they started taking back control and the last twenty minutes Pumas did everything they could to take back the lead. They did not pull of the win but they got a draw thanks to Eduardo Herrera Aguirre at the 79th minute. After that the game started to get a bit dirty with a foul commit against Carlos Quintero by Marco Palacios after Quintero crashed with the goalkeeper Palacios, Marco's brother, which resulted in Carlos and Marco both getting a yellow card, leading to Marco being kick out of the game for accumulating two yellow cards.After that Santiago Hoyos received a red card for a foul preventing an attempt on goal. Though it is not the result either team wanted, they still received one point each, putting Pumas in the lead with 11pts.
Peralta celebrating with his team after scoring the first goal against Pumas

 Now for the game I wanted to talk about, Tigres vs America. Now since just moved and I am surrounded by nothing but America fans, you can understand why I was unable to post on Saturday. This game started off really good which lead to America scoring an incredible goal at the 16th minute by Christian Benítez. After that America started to play a more defensive game and Tigres decided to take advantage of this and dominate the midfield. By the second half, Tigres came out wanting to take the lead and that is exactly what they did. At the 66th minute, Manciilla took a shot at goal that was deflected by the defense of America which lead to an own goal. After that America tried to come back and ended up missing an incredible shot on goal, which was quickly followed with a goal by Héctor Mancilla at the 83rd minute thanks to a pass by Danilinho making the score 2-1. However the America being the team they are ended up tying the game in the last minutes Renato González. After that not much happened and the game ended. You can just imagine my disappointment when in the last minutes of the game Tigres lost the lead and gained another draw. But for those of you who want to watch the goals I just described, just watch this video.

As for the rest of the week I will be blogging about the end of the Supercopa and the start of the Spanish league.

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