Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Changes in the League

I can not believe I am actually saying this but Tigres has just confirmed that Carlos Salcido will officially be a part of the team after he passed his medical exams. He is said to begin training with the rest of the team starting Wednesday. For those who do not know, Salcido is currently on loan form English soccer team Fulham and is also a starter for the Mexican international team. All I can say is that with such a great defender joining the team, I hope to see great things come from the team and hopefully they will be able to win more games and not end up in draws like most of their games.
Another recent event is the new coach that Querétaro just hired, José Saturnino Cardozo. He said in his recent initiation that he is very happy to be able to coach in Mexico, having been a former soccer player for Toluca, and even though Querétaro is still in danger of descending into the second division, he plans on taking them off of the chopping block and even qualifying for a chance to win the Apertura.
Thought it is still quite early in the season to be sure of anything, all I can say is that it looks like the season is still getting better.


  1. i just cant believe it =S

  2. Never really pad attention to the mexican Fc's but this stuff looks interesting