Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 3

Sorry for the late post, been kinda busy  thinking of new ways to change up my blog due to a lot of helpful post but that's no excuse to leave my blog without the results of day Three.  First off, Sunday there were a total of three games left for the Jornada, the first of which was Pumas vs San Luis. Seeing as Pumas is the current champion having won last years Clausura 2011, it only makes sense that they would come out strong and show their fans why they where champions. Well, that's exactly what they did because by the 8th minute of the first half, they went ahead and made their first goal which was followed with a second goal at around the 36th minute. After that they pretty much had the game on cruise control.

Pumas celebrating their 2011 Championship

The second game was rather more interesting in between America vs Querétaro. Being that Querétaro is  always an underrated team, they came to the field with high expectations seeing as the coach had recently purchased a couple of new players which he started off in the first half. Unfortunately, around the 28th minute an own goal was scored by Efraín Cortés and that ended up giving America a good head start. But being that their goal was a own goal, America came back and scored themselves an actual goal at the 43rd minute to make the score 2-0. Then during the second half of the game Querétaro tried to make a comeback and the game resulted in a power struggle in midfield. But during the final minutes of the game, Querétaro looked like they wanted at least one goal to go home with and that's exactly what they did. During stoppage time, Franco Niell scored a goal at the 92nd minute to leave the score 2-1. Though Querétaro didn't take home a victory, it still is to early in the season to worry about one loss against a team such as America, a team that has always been a big name in Mexico.

America players celebrating after a goal on Queretaro

The final game between Jaguares vs Monterrey turned out to be a domination game by Monterrey. The first half ended up being pretty exciting seeing as neither team wanted to lose, however Monterrey ended up opening the scoreboard with a goal by Luis Perez at the 15th minute. That goal was soon met with a goal buy Jaguares at the 24th minute by Luis Rey which left the score 1-1. Though both teams tried to take the lead by halftime, they score remained the same up until the last two minutes of the half, a foul was committed in inside the goalie box of Jaguares, giving Monterrey a penalty kick. Luis Perez decided to take the shot and made it, giving Monterrey a 2-1 lead. Wanting to take back the game, Jaguares kept on the offensive trying their hardest to tie up the game, but that did not happen. During the final minutes of the game, Monterrey scored once again around the 88th minute to leave the game 3-1. Jaguares then took the ball and made a direct attack on Monterrey resulting in a corner, but that did not last long because as soon the corner was taken, Monterrey created a counterattack and scored once again, leaving the game 4-1.
Now you may be wondering why a little more attention was put into the game of Jaguares vs Monterrey, well the reason is that Monterrey is the rival of Tigres, making their games all the most interesting. Though they will not play each other till later on in the season, it is always a good idea to look at your rival and see how they are playing to plan ahead for them.I really hope that Tigres continues to improve because I want this rivalry match to be a good one as I plan on going to see it. As for more updates, seeing as the games do not resume till Saturday,  I will try to update this blog with any news or rumors I hear about any team as the season goes on as well as randomly bringing up other tid bits of soccer information going on around the world such as the Copa America Champions Uruguay who beat out Paraguay 3-0 in what turned out to be an incredible game by Uruguay showing us that they have an incredible team. I will also be uploading the results of the World Fútbol Challenge that is currently taking place. That's all, and stick around for what can only be an exciting season in the Mexican Soccer League.


  1. mexican soccer looks very exciting. thanks for this post.

  2. Wish I coulda seen the second game, it sounds like it was good

  3. Thanks for helping me keep up to date, I love your blogs mate

  4. There is no doubt that Mexicans love their soccer