Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jornada 7

Alright, seeing as I was only able to see two of the five game yesterday I will first off give the overall results and then go back and talk about the games.

Pachuca          2 - 0     América
San Luis          2 - 0     Chivas
Monterrey       2 - 0     Santos Laguna
Atlante             2 - 1     Estudiantes Tecos
Atlas                0 - 1     Tigres

First off I will say that these game were pretty entertaining but a lot of the teams recived a lot of yellow and red cards. A total of five player were expelled from the games because they accumulated a red card and thus they will miss the next games.

But to get on track, the first game I was able to see was Monterrey-Santos Laguna. Like I have said before, I will be watching as many Monterrey games as I can since they are the rivals of Tigres and it is always good to keep an eye out on your rival. However this game turned out to be more interesting than I thought, with Monterrey taking the lead in the first half with a goal from Luis Perez but also losing a player due to a red card.
Luis Perez's (number 8) shot on gol giving Monterrey the lead

Then during the second half Santos tried to take advantage of their extra player and made some good attempts but the goalkeeper did a good job of stopping those, and then in a good attack Humberto Suazo ended up scoring off of a cross and put the game 2-0. After that Santos wanted their goal but were unable and thus the game ended.

Next up was San Luis-Chivas. Seeing as Chivas is the leading with the most points, I was certain that they would have beat San Luis but this game turned into a total surprise to me. The first half was filled with attacks by both team but a couple more attempts by San Luis. However as the second half took off San Luis took the lead with a goal by Michael Arroyo Mina, which was quickly followed by Chivas trying to make a comeback. However San Luis did a good job defensively to stop Chivas at just about every attempt and after a great pass to Macnelly Torre, Torre scored the second goal and thus put guaranteed San Luis the victory.

Though I was unable to watch the Atlas-Tigres game, I am happy that they were able to get another win and bring them closer to the first spot. Hopefully I will be able to post tomorrow if not Tuesday about the results of today’s games.

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