Saturday, August 27, 2011

Unfortunate Circumstances

Hmm where to start, well first off I am sorry once again for the late post but it turns out the homeowner canceled his internet subscription and that lead to me losing mine as well. Therefore, since I do not have internet nor cable, since I just moved, I haven’t been able to watch many soccer games other than the ones they show at the bars and the ones I do I can not blog about since I don’t have internet at home. Luckily I found a library a couple of miles away from my house and seeing as its free, thank god, I should be on track with my post for a while. But since I didn’t see many games from last week I would will do this again

Estudiantes     2 - 1     Pachuca
Cruz Azul        2 - 1     Tijuana
Querétaro        1 - 2     Jaguares
Tigres              1 - 0     San Luis – Hell yeah.
América           5 - 2     Atlas
Puebla             2 - 1     Pumas
Chivas             2 - 1     Monterrey
Toluca             2 - 1     Atlante

What I did find out was that Santos vs. Monarcas was canceled because there was a shooting right outside the stadium and the fans plus the players were put on lockdown and told to hid on the lower level of the field and in the changing rooms. Though I still do not know all the details, due to lack of TV and internet I do know that this game will not be rescheduled unfortunately.

As for this Jornada the first game was played on Friday and it turned out to be a tie between Toluca and Jaguares. There are five more games to be played today and three more left for Sunday.

Hopefully, I will be able to get satellite TV or direct TV installed in my house so that I can at least watch the games. But for know I will just be going off of the games I see at the bars and the results I get online.

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