Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last results of the Jornada 7

For those of you wondering, here are the results of the games on Sunday. I was only able to watch one so that is the one I will do a bigger coverage on.

Pumas              1 - 2     Cruz Azul
Tijuana            1 - 1     Querétaro
Monarcas         0 - 0     Puebla

And the game I was able to watch  was …. Pumas vs Cruz Azul. Now this is not a big rivalry but it always turns out to be a good game. For a little bit of history, Pumas has suffered most of their loses in their home field to Cruz Azul, with 22 years loses in their entire time playing against each other. While this may not seem like a lot, you got to  keep in mind that they only play each other twice per year and only once in their respective home field, so that  would be like saying for 22 pumas has not beaten Cruz Azul at home. But lets get back to the game. There was some intensity at first with both teams trying to make the first goal. Though at first Pumas almost capitalized off of a bad pass by the defense, Cruz Azul turned up the pace and ended up getting the first goal by Gerardo Flores, with was quickly followed by a goal by Martín Bravo to even out the results. Not much else happened the first half. However during the second half Luis Fuentes ended up receiving a red card resulting in Pumas playing with only ten players. Now Cruz Azul tried taking advantage of their extra player and keep on attacking leading to Adrián Cortés scoring the game winning goal around the 72nd minute. After that goal Pumas tried to score but came so close near the end of the game with a shot from Treviño but he ended up hitting the pole and the ball bouncing out. After that the game ended and Cruz Azul added another win against pumas.

Hopefully I can watch a couple more games for next week by either streaming them at the library or going out, but I will try to give details on a couple of games.