Thursday, September 1, 2011

News from Wednesday

Taking advantage of my free time this morning, I found some pretty interesting things going on in the league. In a recent Interview with Cuauhtémoc Blanco, a former America player, he goes on to talk about how he is really disappointed with Reinoso, the coach for America, for having such inconstant results with such a great team. Blanco goes on to talk about how he is really upset about how everything that goes on in the dressing room always winds up in the press, even when dealing with personal or private information.  Though I personally am not a big fan a of America, I do kinda feel bad for the coach because he is always getting bad press and he is having a rough year, mostly because he know that if he doesn't get better results than what he is getting now he will find himself without a job pretty soon.

On another note, Eduardo Herrera from Pumas recently talked with the press himself to clarify that the bad times that Pumas is going through is mostly due to their two injured player still not being able to play and the recent number of players who have been expelled for one game due to them accumulating a red card. Herrera was confident that they would improve in their next couple of games and that he will continue to get better until his teammates can fully recover and get back in the game. Being that Pumas is the current champion, they are a team that can not be counted out just yet and if they do get back on track they could make it towards the finals.

Eduardo Herrera

Hopefully I will be able to post on about the Mexico game on Saturday and then I will continue with the results of the Jornada.