Saturday, July 23, 2011

First match of the season

Toluca players celebrating after scoring against Estudiantes
For those of you who did not catch last nights game, all that can be said is that if the season follows the example of this game we are in for one exciting season. The game was between Estudiantes and Toluca with the game taking place in Estudiantes home stadium in Guadalajara. The start of the game was a complete domination play by Toluca resembling the same caliber as many European teams.
However as the second half got underway, it seemed that Estudiantes decided to step it up by attacking Toluca as much as they could and eventually scoring an absolutely beautiful goal bringing them back in the game. Unfortunately,  Toluca decided to play it safe and started playing defensively to keep the lead. All  in all, Toluca ended up winning 2-1, but it turned out to be more interesting than what anyone had imagined. All I can say is that if this was just the first match, I can't wait for Tigres to play tonight.


  1. Gotta love the best sport in the world :D

  2. didnt see the game, sounds like it was a good one though