Friday, July 22, 2011

The start of a new season

As many people may know, the start of the Primera Division, the Mexican Soccer league, gets underway on Friday the 23rd. Even though my favorite team Tigres will not be playing till Saturday, I will still be updating my blog as the season gets underway for the Apertura 2011. However this blog will mostly be looking at Tigres and how they are doing in the league as well as a quick look back on there past games and their upcoming matches. Their first match will be against a tough opponent, Cruz Azul. While Cruz Azul is the favorite to win, I believe that this well be a good time for Ricardo "Tuca" Ferretti to show that he has changed this team around and they are in it to win it. With team captain Lucas Lobos and the young defender Torres Nilo, they have a two players that know how to work their positions and with the coaching of Tuca Ferretti, who has also lead teams such as Pumas to championships, one can only hope he can do the same for Tigres.
I will be sure to update this blog as the games go underway tomorrow as I look forward to a fun and exciting season. Lets go Tigres!


  1. This looks like it'll be an exciting season! can't wait for all the awesome games!

  2. same for me as well +following