Sunday, September 11, 2011

The game from Friday and Saturday

This weekend we had only one game on Friday and 5 games on Saturday. Here are the results so far

Estudiantes       0 - 2   Jaguares
Santos             1 - 1  Chivas
Cruz Azul         0 - 1   Monarcas
Querétaro        4 - 0  Pumas UNAM
Atlas                 1 - 1  San Luis
Tigres              5 - 0  Pachuca

To start off i would like to say I was pretty disappointed when I heard the results of the Pumas game and their
unfortunate defeat to Queretaro but then again I am shocked that Queretaro did such a great job to not only win but to score 4 goals on such a high up team. That takes guts and skill.

Now to my game. Tigres vs Pachuca. This was an interesting game for me because before Tigres was just getting by with scoring one goal and winning but for this game they needed to show that they could not only win but dominate the game. And that's exactly what they did. They showed us and everyone who doubted them that they could take the lead and keep on going. To start off the game Hector Mancilla scored the first goal at the 18th minute to give them an early lead. It was soon followed by a goal by Lucas Lobos at the 24th, which was also followed by another goal Héctor Mancilla at the 36th minute reinforcing our lead. Pretty much the full first half was just a domination game for Tigres  because they came ready to take the lead and win this game, and that's exactly how they played.  Then for the second half after a beautiful center from a direct shot on goal, the goalie from Pachuca came out wrong to block the ball but missed and it changed the direction of the ball and lead to an own goal by Segundo Castillo giving Tigres an 4-0 lead. But it did not end there, Tigres kept on the attack and to everyone's suprise Héctor Mancill scored his third goal at the 78th minute to ensure the win with a 5-0 and his first hat trick of the season. But Tigres still did not give up and continued to attack and what should have been a penalty was not given and then Pachuca started to attempt attacks just to avoid the 6th goal. As the final whistle was blown, both the Tigres fans and the team were happy with their win and hopefully we will see more games like this.

I will try to edit this later as I have work to do right now so all add the Santos game as well as the Atlas game later.


  1. Quite a beating you gave Pachuca. That might be one of the biggest goal differences between both. At least that i can remember.

  2. Domination in football is the most important thing. Good that it was such a great game for you ;)

  3. Were some good matches!

  4. Ouch, some of those scores are really brutal.